I design and deliver in-house corporate training and coaching to help companies

develop the potential of their workforce. Having an in-house trainer/coach who is on site

regularly provides staff with a neutral mentor, supporter and motivator. By partnering with your

company I am able to establish familiarity with your employees, understand the unique culture

of your organisation, understand the strategic direction of the business and assist in

reinforcing the company's overall vision and attainment of objectives.

Utilising my background in HR and Performance Management I work closely with HR and

line managers to understand your company's objectives and tailor training solutions for

individuals and/or target groups. All of my training programs are completely customised to your

needs. I take the time to listen to what you feel is needed for your teams and most importantly, what you

want that FOR. I help you clarify the real benefits and the end goals you are seeking and synthesise data

garnered from you, combined with my intuitive and professional nous to develop a program that meets your



For individuals, I facilitate an improvement in motivation levels and encourage attainment of objectives by helping them feel more enthused and inspired. My training style is facilitative, experiential and open. I engage with the participants and care about their personal outcomes from the training. I value their input. I create opportunities for emergent learning and reflection opportunities so that participants can make their own learning shifts. I view participants as contributors with the capacity for valuable input, insight and perspectives, and I encourage them to access their own wisdom. At all times I recognise that I have much to learn from them as well. 

"Your care factor, ability to listen and sincerity is exceptional and I am grateful

to have been involved in a course facilitated by you." - Richard, Quiksilver


Post-training coaching is recommended to complement the learning process and helps individuals to achieve a more personalised training experience. I develop personalised coaching approaches based around an individual's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and work in conjunction with management and HR to ensure that performance targets are successfully met.

Training Scope


I build programs according to the needs of my clients. Programs have typically fallen within the scope of HR and Emotional Intelligence. Here are some examples of programs I have custom-built for clients:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching the Coaches

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Presentation Essentials

  • Navigating Through Change

  • Innovation in the Workplace

  • Managing Performance

  • Communicating Effectively

  • Exploring the WHY - Values & Beliefs

  • Developing Empathy/Listening

  • Responding vs. Reacting

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Developing Resilience

  • Personal Effectiveness/Self-Management

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • Coaching and Motivating

"the most beneficial thing to improve

our performance that we've ever been taught"

Jayden - Participant of Emotional Intelligence Program, Surf Coast Shire