Leaving the Nest

Some people leave the nest voluntarily and eagerly. Some tread lightly, inching out with great trepidation and hesitation. Me, well I need to be aggressively pushed.

Something or someone always has to nudge me out of my comfort zone and every time it happens I feel sick with anxiety and dread at being so rudely disrupted from my comfy, feathered nest. Then as time goes on I settle into a new norm and I begin to like my new adventure. It's always better than the status-quo was and it's always something that needed to happen but without such forces pushing me out, I would forever lay in wait in that nest. As time progresses I always look back on how fabulous the change was and am so grateful for the push.

Right now I'm in the midst of a push. I fell out of my latest nest a little violently and it tickled to say the least, but I'm out now. I'm out in the big brave world all alone and facing the world on my own two feet. Can I do it? Can I do for myself what I coach others to do?

Let's see..