I provide personalised support and guidance for employees whose roles have been made redundant and/or who need assistance in making a career transition. ​ I also support students entering the workforce, individuals returning to the workforce after maternity leave or basically anyone wanting employment coaching to support their job seeking efforts.

My outplacement and employment support covers:

Emotional Support / Mindset Management/ Identifying Values, Passions and Purpose


  • Working through the individual’s emotional reaction to news, how to communicate to friends and family

  • Assessing the current situation, what are the core priorities right now? e.g financial, emotional etc

  • Identifying what concerns and fears about the future exist (real or perceived), and ways to overcome them

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and potential barriers to employment

  • Exploring core values & beliefs to work out what’s most important and what drives you 

  • Clarifying personal preferences, wants vs "shoulds", situation assessment (financial, emotional etc)


Building Confidence & Defining Goals       


  • Skills, knowledge and strengths inventory – what do you do well and how do you do it differently to others? What makes you unique?

  • Promoting your unique selling points/developing a personal brand

  • Articulating SMART goals for the future 


Developing Job Search Skills


  • Writing resumes, cover letters and key selection criteria statements

  • Interview skills coaching

  • Utilising recruitment agencies

  • Exploring education pathways for new career options 

  • Networking, identifying job leads and harnessing social media, e.g LinkedIn

Employability Skills

  • Problem-Solving

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Learning

  • Self-Management

  • Planning & Organising

  • Time Management

  • Initiative & Enterprise 

If you are about to embark on the next phase of your career journey I would love to support you to:

Reflecting in the Meadow

Feel empowered about your future

Confidence is a mental game. As a mindset coach, I will work with you to develop your awareness of your strengths and help you articulate your unique selling proposition so that you truly understand your value.


Step out of your comfort zone 

Explore the possibilities ahead of you. I can help you examine your options and explore what opportunities may be ahead of you. Step out of the nest and come exploring with me. I will be there with you all along the way.


Take that giant leap!

Sometimes we need a bit of a jolt to push ourselves to explore what we're capable of.

Jumping into the unknown can be scary. I will help support you to feel bold and brave on your journey ahead.

Smiling Coworker


"Mel, your support was invaluable at such a challenging time. You have opened up our way of thinking and guided us to make positive change in our careers. We can't thank you enough."


Tania and Mick - Torquay