Line managers deal with some of the most difficult, complex and sensitive issues that arise in the workplace.

In most cases their most difficult challenges do not revolve around budgeting, planning or resolving technical

issues.  It's more often the "people stuff" that proves to be the most problematic. Added to this is the fact that many

managers are promoted to their supervisory positions without being equipped with the skills they need to perform

some of the core duties required in their jobs, including: the capacity to manage performance, set clear

expectations, build rapport, demonstrate empathy and emotional stability, communicate effectively with others,

coach and motivate and, importantly - manage themselves.

It's fair to say that sometimes managers can do with some extra assistance. When internal resources are

limited, or when you just need to iron out some issues with some independent help, Bloom can offer

on-site practical guidance to leaders and managers, bringing clarity through a pair of fresh, independent 


Drawing on years of experience in HR, I can support you to handle some of those tricky people issues.

I immerse myself in your organisation, meeting one-on-one with staff, developing a comprehensive evaluation

of the organisation, identifying potential areas for improvement and establishing action steps. I then assist

managers and employees to implement the necessary actions to achieve the desired outcomes of the organisation.

My support includes assisting with related admin support, designing templates, reviewing policies, writing up

job descriptions etc.

Here are some examples of recent troubleshooting:

  • Successfully facilitating discussions between management and employees, whose ability to relate to each other had been severely fractured for a number of years
  • Interviewing existing and emerging leaders to identify competency gaps and establish training needs

  • Developing training programs to address competency gaps

  • Establishing an Emotional Intelligence inventory to assess manager competency and designing coaching solutions to support them

  • Reviewing and adjusting Position Descriptions to take into account tasks performed and establish clarity via separation of duties

  • Carrying out face-to-face consultation with employees to gauge the sentiment of the organisation and identify action steps to improve morale

  • Introducing communication strategies to engage employees and increase transparency and encourage regular dialogue

  • Providing on-site executive coaching to support managers to performance-manage an employee whose behaviours and attitude required re-direction

  • Contributing to the shifting of the collective mindset and culture of an organisation


Bloom offers personalised support and guidance for employees who have recently been made redundant and/or who need assistance in making a career transition. ​ Individuals faced with the prospect of finding a new job may be feeling a mixture of emotions: fear, trepidation, anger, stress, sadness, or possibly excitement and enthusiasm. A change in employment brings about different reactions from different people and everyone’s journey is unique.

Having experienced a redundancy myself I am acutely aware of the spectrum of emotions that people can experience and one thing I know for sure is that support is crucial during the career transition period.  I offer employees compassionate, sincere, professional support to help them navigate through their career transition and to explore, identify and define what they want for their future.

During my outplacement programs I facilitate the process of self-exploration and discovery to determine people's career preferences and work with them to understand their unique circumstances, thereby tailoring programs according to their individual needs. 

Engaging an external outplacement support provider can assist the organisation to:

  • Acknowledge the contribution of redundant employees

  • Offer support to ease the distress that may accompany a redundancy

  • Demonstrate a desire to support the career transition of the redundant employee

  • Preserve the goodwill and reputation/image of the company

  • Maintain positive morale for existing employees, and

  • Reduce the risk of legal action by helping redundant employees move forward